Would you like to plan a party for your spouse, friend, or family member? Unless you actually have a job as an event planner, you probably struggle with getting everyone together, making sure you have enough tables, chairs, and dishes and planning a meal that will fit everyone’s likes and dietary needs. Instead of the usual potluck at your house, why not step it up a notch and plan a night out at a restaurant in Provo that everyone will remember?

La Jolla Groves is a fine-dining favorite in Provo and we’d like to help you plan a great birthday party. From food considerations to easy clean-up tips, we’ll help you make that special day unforgettable. Keep reading to learn more!

Make Sure There’s a Place For Everyone

When you’re planning a birthday party, make sure that you have enough room to accommodate the entire group. This can be difficult if you have a large group and you were thinking of hosting the party at your house. How often have you been to a party where a couple of people had to sit in another room by themselves because there wasn’t enough room at the table? Or, there always seem to be one or two people that have to stand while they eat because there aren’t enough chairs.

If you consider yourself a good party planner that is considerate of all guests, make sure that everyone feels welcome and has a place to sit at the table. If you have the room, you could rent extra tables and chairs from a rental company, but a better option might be to have the party at a location that can accommodate the size of your party.

Create a Comfortable Setting

You want your guests to be comfortable, so it’s important to consider the setting and your guest’s surroundings. Sometimes a party held in a backyard can provide natural beauty and adequate room for everyone to move about, but it’s not very practical when you live in Provo and you’re trying to plan a party in January.

Have a Wide Variety of Food

Just because you’re a spicy food fanatic or a sushi-lover doesn’t mean that everyone else is. When you’re planning a get together for a group of people you’ll want to make sure that you have a variety of food to suit a range of tastes. It’s smart to include dishes with different kinds of proteins, a variety of vegetables, and different kinds of sauce. Some people may also have certain dietary restrictions, which brings us to our next point.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

It seems like more and more people nowadays are following a particular diet. Some avoid certain foods for religious reasons, others do it because of a life-threatening food allergy. Many others choose to avoid or include particular foods as part of a health and wellness plan.

No matter the reason, a good host will try to ensure there are options to accommodate those with dietary restrictions. If you’re making the food yourself, this can become quite a daunting task and can actually double the size of your menu. Save yourself from spending three days in the kitchen and consider having your party catered by a restaurant.

Make Sure Everyone Has a Good Time (Including You!)

With good food and pleasant accommodations, most people will have a good time. The one person that might not have a good time is you! Planning a birthday party is hard work on its own, but if you plan to host it at your house, expect to spend several days or even weeks to prepare.

How could one little party take up so much of your time? Consider the menu preparation, shopping for groceries, cooking, baking, setting up tables and chairs, sending out invitations and directions, and don’t forget the hours of house cleaning! As if this weren’t enough, you’ll be spending your time preparing and serving food during the party instead of enjoying it.

Before you think twice about hosting a party on your own, don’t forget the dreaded final step — the cleanup. Imagine what your house will look like after dozens of your friends and family make themselves comfortable in your house and dirty every dish. For your happiness, and more importantly for your sanity, you might want to take the party elsewhere.

Call La Jolla Groves

We know that you have dozens of options when it comes to choosing a restaurant — whether it be for a special event, or just a regular Friday night dinner. That’s why we focus on providing you with the best possible customer service in a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere. Our attention to detail extends beyond the dining room and into our kitchen where we lovingly prepare delicious food for you and your family to share.

The next time you’re looking for a restaurant in Provo, look no further than La Jolla Groves. We can accommodate just about every group size and we promise not to disappoint! We’ll take care of all of the details, serve you and your guests delicious food, and there will be plenty of room for everyone. We’ll even do the cleanup!

Call today to schedule your catering service or private banquet room. Or, visit our website to schedule a dinner reservation. We look forward to serving you!