Not everyone looks forward to business meetings. In fact, you’ve probably heard people complain about having too many meetings on their calendars and how they hate being held captive in a stuffy room for hours on end while their “real work” isn’t getting done. If you’re in charge of setting up the next meeting, let the team at your favorite Italian restaurant, La Jolla Groves, help you out with all of your business catering needs. In our blog below, we’ll discuss how choosing a good catering service is key for making your business functions productive and something that people will actually want to attend!

Hungry People Have a Hard Time Concentrating

Some meetings seem to last forever, and if most of your team is running on two cups of coffee and half of a bagel, chances are they aren’t going to be very good contributors by the time the clock strikes noon. If you want your team to be fully engaged during the meeting, you have to make sure they’re fed properly. Growling stomachs and low blood sugar does nothing for productivity.

Quality Food Makes People Feel Appreciated

Have you ever been invited to a meeting only to be served stale bagels and luke-warm coffee? Or maybe you expected a nice lunch and walked in to see a pile of pizza boxes from the nearest budget pizza shop. How did that make you feel? Did it motivate you to work hard and give your all? Probably not.

Have your business function catered by La Jolla Grove and you’ll be surprised how grumpy, negative people all of a sudden turn into happy, smiling people. While there’s no guarantee they’ll be more productive after a good lunch, it certainly can’t hurt.

Choose the Location That’s Convenient for You

While it might be fun to take the group to an offsite location for lunch, the simple fact is that it’s not always practical. Depending on the size of your group, how much time you’ve allotted for lunch, and their familiarity with the area, making everyone go to a different location might not be a good idea. It’s easy for people to take some extra time, get stuck in traffic, or make a quick “detour,” resulting in a late start to your afternoon session. Make things simple and keep everyone together by having La Jolla Groves cater your lunch. We can customize a menu just for your group and we’ll make sure it fits your budget. How much easier can it get?

You’ll Repeatedly Get Good Turnout

If you start including catered lunches from La Jolla Grove as part of your regularly scheduled meetings, you’ll notice that your attendance will miraculously go up. All of a sudden the multitude of scheduling conflicts and “tentative” responses will start to diminish. Nothing brings people together like some good, quality food, and your team will definitely not want to miss this.

Get More Done

We aren’t making any guarantees, but when you have a group of happy, well-fed people that don’t have to stop what they’re doing to run across town for lunch, you’ll probably get more done. And when you get more done, there’s a chance that fewer meetings will be needed, and that will make everyone happy!

Call La Jolla Grove to discuss our business catering options. From delicious appetizers and freshly made soups and salads to delectable main courses, we have something to please everyone! We would also be happy to design a custom menu just for you and we’ll make sure that it fits your budget! Call today!